How Does it Work

So now that you have registered how does this work?

First of all let me welcome you to this exciting site and let me assure you that very soon you will be using your own hosting.

The first thing to know is that the hosting is a twelve month renewable contract, that gives you unlimited reseller cPanel Hosting for $0.00. The hosting renews For $50.00 a year unless you repeat the process at this site.

The only expense that you incur is the purchase of a domain name, which we will soon be able to help you with.

If you need to get your hosting quickly please email me hosting @ yeshosting-space with your domain name and I will try to help.

Here are Some of the Benifits of Reseller Hosting

  • Host Unlimited Sites
  • Host Unlimited Subdomaims
  • Assign whatever Band width limits you choose
  • Set the number of SQL databases you choose
  • Control how many E-mail addresses you allow
  • You set the price, and Keep the profit